What’s The Big Deal ABout Advertising On Social Media Anyway?

Social Media Advertising

Author: Lisa Wozniak “What’s the big deal about advertising on social media anyway?” is a question I get asked on a fairly regular basis. Many small business owners wonder if they should be doing it just because everyone else is or if it’s a passing fad that they should indulge in before its 15 minutes of fame are over and the opportunity is lost, or if there is a legitimate reason why advertising on social media is a must for every business owner. Each year a myriad of marketing statistics show that social media marketing[…]

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Do You Need To Populate Your List To Be A Good Marketer?

List Sign Up

By: Lisa Wozniak Do You Need To Populate Your List To Be A Good Marketer? Well, I guess that depends on your marketing strategy. If your goal is to create a following of potential customers who will become raving fans of your business, then the answer is a resounding yes! However, this doesn’t have to be a difficult or an expensive endeavor. Some of the most effective ways are often the least expensive. With just a little time and effort, you can have people signing up on your email marketing campaign in no time. Some[…]

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How to Increase Referrals to Your Clinic Every Day of the Year

By: Pamela Fletcher Two things remain constant (besides death and taxes.) The power of word of mouth and the expectation of the public to have the best available healthcare. What has changed significantly about these two concepts is the advent of social media – and what a difference it has made! Let’s take a look at how to increase referrals to your clinic every day of the year. Social media is now the tool of the patient to make or break a health care provider’s reputation. It can also be used by the physician to control[…]

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8 Ways to Market your Blog at little to no cost.

By Lisa Wozniak If you are a small business owner, you know how hard it can be to devote the time and energy to researching and writing an engaging blog article for your customer base, only to listen to the sound of crickets after it’s posted. You look at your stats from the blogs you’re posting and the cricket theory is confirmed. Is anyone even reading this thing you wonder? Well if you merely write your blog and post it to your blog site, then chances are the answer to that question is a resounding[…]

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What Social Media Networks should I focus on?

When Facebook was invented we all had the joy of becoming part of Mark Zuckerberg’s vision for social media networks. We were swapping photos, stories and updates with people from all over the world. Businesses stood the most to gain from this type of medium as marketers jumped on board and found new ways to engage with their customer base. However, now there are a multitude of platforms from which to choose. This has left many business owners wondering where they should be focusing their time and money. Many have made the mistake of trying[…]

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