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Welcome to Woz Marketing. We are a social media marketing company dedicated to serving the needs of small business owners and medical professionals. Staying current with the ever changing trends and practices of social media takes the headache out of your marketing. We help you to understand and leverage the power of social media so you can grow your business. Whether you need consultation services to help you navigate a path to increased exposure or you need someone to market your business on social media for you, so you can focus on the needs of your business, we are here to help. Visit our contact page to set up an appointment.

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How To Grow Your Practice Through Inspiration NOT Desperation

Have you had those moments with your practice that left you functioning out of desperation? I think we all have.   Cash flow is a little bit tight, your waiting room is emptier than you’d like, and you have some bills coming due that leave you feeling nervous. Sound familiar? It happens to all of us at some point during the growth of the practice.   Some months back, I was in a similar situation. I was plenty busy with some clients I was helping but hadn’t really had the time to focus on acquiring[…]

Isolation Blog

Private Practice Does Not Have To Mean Isolation; It Can Mean Motivation.

You’ve worked long and hard to go into private practice. You never worried about isolation. It’s everything that you’ve ever dreamed of.   You now have the freedom to create your own schedule, work with the people you want to work with and choose how much to be paid. Sure, you knew it would be hard work. That never scared you, you’ve always wanted to live by your own rules anyway. And the corporate back stabbing and drama? Who needs it anyway?!   As you slide into the rhythm of your new work schedule, you[…]

Is Your Email Marketing HIPAA Compliant?

Is Your Email Marketing HIPAA Compliant?

Have you considered email marketing for your private practice but wonder if your email marketing is HIPAA compliant? It’s important that you recognize the need for compliance, but it should not deter you from moving forward with email marketing. Email marketing is a powerful way to grow your practice and be seen as the industry expert in your specialty. And here’s why email marketing is still one of the most successful ways you can grow your practice. 95% of online consumers use email and of those, 91% check their email at least once per day.[…]


  • Lisa is passionate about helping small businesses make the best marketing choices possible. Since I have started working with Lisa, I have many new interactive followers on my Facebook and Twitter pages. I also, have my website built and published. Lisa, was so amazing that, due to our distance, she used Zoom to help me make my website. Lisa is an integral part of my business, without her, I’m not sure I would have been able to create a website.

    Miriam Vineyard Miriam V – CEO Vineyards of Hope, Idaho Falls, Idaho
  • I have been using Woz Marketing for a few months now and I must say that I was completely unaware at what any bit of social marketing could do for my business. I was skeptical about the idea of Social marketing at all but have seen quite an improvement in the numbers of visitors to my site and the increased interest in my business! I’m quite pleased! Each step of the way, the plan for my social marketing was first carefully spelled out and then skillfully executed. I would recommend Woz Marketing to anyone interested in taking their business to the next level. Don’t wait like I did!

    Greg Newell – President, Greg Newell Enterprises, Lakewood, Ohio
  • Whether you are a beginner with social media or have a team of marketers in your business but need and extra push for an event or sale, we found the services of Woz Marketing to be very helpful to our business. Our consultant was both knowledgeable and determined to see our company succeed. We received detailed instructions and strategies on how we would increase our online exposure. Our Facebook fan base has more than doubled and our new Twitter account has several thousand followers. We’re receiving more engagement and exposure now than we ever thought possible. ~ Frank Cieszkowski, CEO Digital Solutions

    Frank C. – CEO, Digital Solutions, Allen Park, Mi.
  • Lisa with Woz Marketing is an exceptional lady. She really knows her Social Media stuff. We, at iBrand Your Business have begun referring clients over to Woz Marketing, because we truly believe in their services.

    iBrand Your Business, Gilroy CA Theresa S. – Graphic Designer in Gilroy, CA
  • Lisa was able to look all my marketing efforts and give me a comprehensive, yet succinct set of strategies to improve my results.   Having this feedback, has helped me feel more confident in how I am promoting and branding my business and practice.  ~ Debra  LeClair, Doctoral Level Psychologist, Full Spectrum Wellness LLC

    Full SPectrum Wellness Debra L. Doctoral Level Psychologist – Full Spectrum Wellness LLC, Bedford, New Hampshire

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