Email Marketing Requires Great Follow Up

Email Frequency

You’ve created an enticing giveaway for your email marketing campaign. You’ve gotten your lists and email providers ready and your landing page is a work of art. Now what? What do you do with the folks who have signed up to receive emails from you? Email marketing requires great follow up. What you do next can mean the difference between attracting new clients and creating extra work for yourself that won’t yield any results. If you have not yet done so, you’ll want to set up an auto responder in your email list that will[…]

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You gave THAT away? Email Marketing Giveaways

By Lisa Wozniak Have you been in this situation before? You spend countless hours creating your email list for your email marketing campaign, you come up with a giveaway to entice your readers to give you their email address, you create an opt-in page, and set up your auto responder emails. You’re ready to go and with enthusiastic anticipation you spend countless ad dollars from your budget creating a stellar advertising campaign on all of the social media platforms you know, and then…………crickets. You wait in anticipation checking your email subscription list several times a[…]

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Key Steps to Hosting a Facebook Contest

I have to admit that I used to be a bit intimidated to do a Facebook Contest. It just seemed like there was so much involved in setting one up; how do you monitor it anyway; and what are the laws and rules that have to be maintained to be compliant? What happens if you break the rules and you didn’t even know it? I shied away from Facebook Contests for fear of breaking any rules and getting less than stellar results after lots of time and effort. Then I had a client approach me[…]

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