Email Marketing Requires Great Follow Up

Email Frequency

You’ve created an enticing giveaway for your email marketing campaign. You’ve gotten your lists and email providers ready and your landing page is a work of art. Now what? What do you do with the folks who have signed up to receive emails from you? Email marketing requires great follow up. What you do next can mean the difference between attracting new clients and creating extra work for yourself that won’t yield any results.
If you have not yet done so, you’ll want to set up an auto responder in your email list that will send follow up emails to your new clients. This step goes a long way to solidifying the relationship that you are building with them. It’s imperative that they remember who you are and that they have given their email address in a commitment to hearing from you again. Be wary however that your follow up emails are spaced incorrectly. There is nothing that will chase away potential clients faster than the feeling that they are being spammed with too many emails containing a strong sales pitch. So how do you get around this? The bullets below will add strengthen the results of your email campaign by providing the value to potential customers that they are looking for.
• Set up the second email that you send out to come out a day or two after the first email that contains your giveaway. In this email you’ll want to be checking in with them to ensure that they have received the information that they requested from you in the giveaway. You’ll also want to confirm the value in what they received and why they need it. This email can also be asking if they have had the opportunity to utilize their free gift and provide suggestions on how best to use this new information.
• The next few emails should be spaced several days to a week apart. This is where the difference between the spam approach and the value added approach comes in to play. You’ll want to give people the space that they need to absorb the information while reminding them from time to time who you are and establish yourself as the expert in your field. These emails should be informative and contain subject matter similar to what is contained in the giveaway. You want to impress them with your desire to help them by giving them some additional knowledge from you.
• By the third or fourth email you can begin to introduce information about your company and what you have to offer. You can lightly discuss your products or services and remind them that you and your products or services are there to help in any way they find useful. This email will set the tone for your readers in educating them on what they can expect in future emails from you. (Links to blog posts, upcoming events, etc.) This should also let them know how often they should expect to be receiving emails from you. (once a week, twice a month, monthly etc.) .
• Lastly, you’ll want to ensure that you are being consistent with what you’re telling them that they can expect from you. If you are telling your new email campaign followers that you will be sending them an email once a week, make certain that you follow through with this. The old saying, “under promise and over deliver” is a great guide for all of us to follow. In order to convert followers into paying clients, you have to follow through with what you promise each and every time.

If you are not seeing the results that you are after with this approach, you may need to take another look at your giveaway. It’s possible that what you are giving away may not be enticing enough for potential followers to trade their email for. However, if you have the right giveaway, you’ve set your auto responder to send follow up emails at the appropriate times and you consistently provide helpful information to those who sign up to receive it you’ll notice your conversion rates follower to customer begin to increase as email marketing requires great follow up.

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