Can You Achieve SEO with a Video Blog [vlog]?

SEO With Video

SEO is the most sought after prize in the marketing arena. The ability to crawl higher in Google’s search rankings is what we all strive for in our business. There are a number of ways to achieve this. One thing we know for certain in marketing, is that video is king. If you want to ensure that you’re being seen online, video is the best way to get noticed.

While blogging is a powerful way to help you crawl up the Google search rankings, many are wondering if the use of video will accomplish the same goal.

So, let’s look at the differences between blogging and vlogging from a marketing perspective and how to achieve SEO (search engine optimization) with video blogging or vlogging.


When you write a blog you have the ability to impact SEO by putting keywords in your title, subtitles and throughout the content of your blog. Consequently,Google is able to scan your blog post for these words and help you crawl higher and higher in Google’s search rankings. The more often you blog, the more Google has to search and scan and the more popular your website becomes and people are able to find you.


When you create a video blog or vlog, it is often done through YouTube, which is a very powerful search engine. Second only to Google. You are able to impact your SEO by putting keywords in your title, tags and description of your video. If you want to utilize your video to drive traffic to your website or you want to post your vlog directly on your website, you’ll need to transcribe your video so that Google has something to scan for keywords. You would also need to ensure that your web adress is also posted in the description and utilize video editing software to post it on the screen.

This has left many wondering why they should even bother. If they have to go through all of that for a video, then they might as well just write a blog post.






There is another alternative however. By embedding your video inside a short blog post, you achieve the best of both worlds. Your post can include a short introduction describing the video using keywords within the post, title and subtitles, and your video can utilize those same keywords in the title, tags and description.


To ensure that you are getting the most bang for your SEO buck, upload your video on to YouTube and get recognized by the two most powerful search engines in the world!


Still wanting to ride more of the SEO train? Use your social media platforms and create posts that will drive traffic to your vlog on your website and YouTube as well!


While video is here to stay in the marketing world,  you can achieve a strong presence online with a vlog. It’s just like the old saying goes… smarter not harder. Use creativity and strategy to maximize video in blogging.


We’d love to hear how vlogging is impacting your SEO. Please share in the comments below.







  1. Love your tips about vlogging and Youtube and embedding the video on your website to connect the 2 together. Also love how you discuss using it all in combo with social media. Very strong tips. Great job! These tactics have been making a big difference in my business.

  2. Vlogging is a new term for some entrepreneurs, but those who are smart they know how to take an advantage of it. Therefore I personally believe that animated explainer videos are the best option for conveying your business idea in a more rapid and efficient manner.

    1. Amanda, thanks for weighing in. I’m so glad to see that you are having success with your animated videos. They can be very helpful in a How-To approach. Vlogging also has an element of relationship building that I really like. I’m so glad the article resonated with you!

  3. WOW! Thanks for a great article on “the vlog”! Wonderful information on the importance on placing keywords in title, tags, and description. Awesome tips! I’ll be putting them into action! Thanks again.

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