Blogging Is Easy And I’ll Show You Why

Blogging Is Easy

By Lisa Wozniak One of the biggest misconceptions private practice owners have about blogging is that it must be hard and time consuming. Blogging is easy and I’ll show you why. A blog does not need to be written as though it were a college dissertation or an article for a medical journal. When you think about it from the perspective of the consumer, it actually takes a lot of the pressure off. Potential clients will read your blog to gather more information about you and the specialty you service. They use this as a[…]

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Social Media Psychology – Why we Like, Comment and Share

By Lisa Wozniak We’ve all been there, we go online to accomplish something specific; check our email, posts, look for a specific page or site and then it happens. We end up falling into a rabbit hole of social media posts that capture our attention. But, have you ever wondered why this happens? There is psychology that determines why we like, comment and share with others online. A recent study showed a direct connection between Social Media and the brain’s reward center. This area processes rewarding feelings about social acceptance. So if we are checking[…]

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The Psychology of Distractions and How to Beat them

We’ve all been there. You’ve got an important project due and you’ve procrastinated until the last minute, and now you’re frantically trying to get the work done to meet your deadline. I can’t tell you how many papers in college were the result of pulling the infamous “all-nighter” because I waited until the last minute. There was always something else to drag my attention away from the task at hand. Even now, I am easily distracted by cute dog videos when my schedule simply does not allow for it. So, why is it that we[…]

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