Case Study – How To Triple Your Private Practice in Six Months

Private Practice Marketing

by: Lisa Wozniak   You’re an EXCELLENT mental health professional! Your CLIENTS RAVE about you! But you’re overwhelmed… …and the dollars aren’t flowing in.. WHAT TO DO? To take your practice to the next level… …you could use a little help… I know your struggle… I’ve been there too. Well, one of the keys to being successful at ANYTHING is to do what you do best and to know when to reach out for a helping hand. Andrew Joy of The Mental Difference out of Chicago is a sports psychology coach working in both a[…]

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To thine Own Self Be True

Did you ever stop and remember what you wanted to do as a child when you grew up? I know I had grandiose dreams of everything from a Marketing Executive, to  Lawyer, to an Actress or CEO. As I grew older I started to think of these careers in terms of  college degrees and annual incomes and which careers could be sustained long-term. In high school the stress began with the pressure of what I wanted to do for a living so that I could select an academic major and a good college to match.[…]

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