What You Need To Know About Branding

What you need to know about branding

By Lisa Wozniak Have you ever been driving down the road and saw the giant lit up yellow “M” in the distance? Without ever being able to see the name, you know those golden arches represent the fast food chain McDonalds. That’s branding; one look, one image, one tagline that represents a company. And whether you own a private practice or a small business the same principles of branding will still apply. So here’s what you need to know about branding. Consistency Is Key If you have a logo, and you should, it needs to[…]

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Is there room for Psychology in Social Media?

Is it time for you to put together a marketing campaign for your business or practice? When we work on promoting our business through social media, we often don’t consider the psychology behind the strategy. One example of this in action is the infamous ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that raised over $115 million in donations. This viral marketing campaign was a huge success because it utilized some core psychological principles to its advantage. For example, we are more likely to complete a task when we have publicly committed to it. We fear the risk of[…]

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