Marketing Plan? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart.

Marketing Plan? It's easy if you do it smart

Author: Lisa Wozniak Marketing Plan? It’s easy if you do it smart. So often managers and business owners make it more difficult than it needs to be. And while larger corporations will create more elaborate and detailed marketing plans to cover all of the marketing facets of their budgets and product lines, the principles for creating a marketing plan remain the same. There are a few key areas that every marketing plan should focus on to provide you with a focused approach to increasing your exposure and your business. Each area poses questions you must[…]

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What’s Your Name?

As marketers we’re taught that not only is your word your bond but your name is your reputation. Many social media marketers use their full name as their business entity as well based upon the knowledge that social media marketing is about building relationships in efforts to grow a business through exposure, relationship and reputation. We’re also taught that the name of your business should reflect who you are and what you do quickly and easily to those who come across it. After all you only have a few seconds to capture someone attention for[…]

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