Will Coaching Make You Wealthy?

Will Coaching Make You Wealthy

Will coaching make you wealthy? I think that’s the thing that most private practice owners and business owners want to know when they embark on the notion of hiring a coach. The answer to that question is, I don’t know. It really depends on what your goals are when you consider the idea of hiring one. There are so many types of coaches that can impact your practice. There are coaches in categories anywhere from business building to marketing and leadership with everything in between. So, before you go searching for your perfect coaching guru,[…]

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Five Ways Podcasts Can Make You A Superstar!

Podcasts Make You A Superstar

Podcasts are a powerful way to help you grow your practice. Whether you are a guest on a podcast or you decide to undertake hosting a podcast yourself, the benefits are the same and well worth the efforts you put into it.   Let’s look at the top five benefits of podcasts to your business.   Podcasts Provide Great Networking Regardless of whether you are a guest or a host of a podcast, the natural networking that takes place is astounding. You are building relationships with new people all the time. Through this networking, comes[…]

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Can You Achieve SEO with a Video Blog [vlog]?

SEO With Video

SEO is the most sought after prize in the marketing arena. The ability to crawl higher in Google’s search rankings is what we all strive for in our business. There are a number of ways to achieve this. One thing we know for certain in marketing, is that video is king. If you want to ensure that you’re being seen online, video is the best way to get noticed. While blogging is a powerful way to help you crawl up the Google search rankings, many are wondering if the use of video will accomplish the[…]

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Case Study – How To Triple Your Private Practice in Six Months

Private Practice Marketing

by: Lisa Wozniak   You’re an EXCELLENT mental health professional! Your CLIENTS RAVE about you! But you’re overwhelmed… …and the dollars aren’t flowing in.. WHAT TO DO? To take your practice to the next level… …you could use a little help… I know your struggle… I’ve been there too. Well, one of the keys to being successful at ANYTHING is to do what you do best and to know when to reach out for a helping hand. Andrew Joy of The Mental Difference out of Chicago is a sports psychology coach working in both a[…]

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Blogging Is Easy And I’ll Show You Why

Blogging Is Easy

By Lisa Wozniak One of the biggest misconceptions private practice owners have about blogging is that it must be hard and time consuming. Blogging is easy and I’ll show you why. A blog does not need to be written as though it were a college dissertation or an article for a medical journal. When you think about it from the perspective of the consumer, it actually takes a lot of the pressure off. Potential clients will read your blog to gather more information about you and the specialty you service. They use this as a[…]

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