Can You Achieve Growth By Networking The Competition?

Networking The Competition

By: Lisa Wozniak   When I first started networking as a means of growing my list of people to collaborate with, or potential clients, I never considered connecting with people who might be considered to be my competition. To me, there seemed to be no better way of throwing business away than to network with the competition. I just assumed that any business I would refer their way, for services I didn’t offer, would never come back to me. Networking with the competition just seemed like a bad idea. Then I found a different perspective.[…]

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What Social Media Networks should I focus on?

When Facebook was invented we all had the joy of becoming part of Mark Zuckerberg’s vision for social media networks. We were swapping photos, stories and updates with people from all over the world. Businesses stood the most to gain from this type of medium as marketers jumped on board and found new ways to engage with their customer base. However, now there are a multitude of platforms from which to choose. This has left many business owners wondering where they should be focusing their time and money. Many have made the mistake of trying[…]

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