Middle-Out Management


Author: Rebekah McIntyre   Too often social service agencies are headed by people who don’t know what they’re doing. One of two things tend to occur: Management roles are granted to people with a business background, who understand the financial aspects of running a department or agency but not the unique needs of work with people. Or management roles are given to seasoned, qualified clinical staff. In fact, in clinical supervision roles this it’s mandatory that said person has independent clinical licensure. All too often, however, these clinicians do not have the training and skill[…]

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The Only Blueprint You Need To Narrow Your Niche

By Lisa Wozniak Many business owners understand they need to narrow their niche, but many don’t know how. Today we’ll provide you with The Only Blueprint You Need to Narrow Your Niche. In my last article Want More Money? Narrow your Niche we discussed the importance of narrowing your niche and how it affects you as the business owner by focusing on what you are most passionate about and your business, in the form of less competition and stronger repeat business. Now that we know the importance of narrowing your niche, let’s take a closer[…]

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Want More Money? Narrow your Small Business Niche

Narrow your Small Business Niche

By Lisa Wozniak As an entrepreneur we’re driven to make as much money as possible. It’s almost instinctual. Where many of us fall short is in positioning our business to be all things to all people. This leaves us feeling not only burned out but often unsuccessful as we attempt to fulfill unrealistic expectations. Want more money? Narrow your small business niche. It’s true and here’s why: More unique = Less Competition. It’s true. The more unique you are the more you stand out in a crowd. And let’s face it, it’s getting more and[…]

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Social Media Psychology – Why we Like, Comment and Share

By Lisa Wozniak We’ve all been there, we go online to accomplish something specific; check our email, posts, look for a specific page or site and then it happens. We end up falling into a rabbit hole of social media posts that capture our attention. But, have you ever wondered why this happens? There is psychology that determines why we like, comment and share with others online. A recent study showed a direct connection between Social Media and the brain’s reward center. This area processes rewarding feelings about social acceptance. So if we are checking[…]

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The only Guide to Building an SEO Blog Post you’ll ever Need!

Have you ever been intimidated about writing a blog post that has intentional SEO content? That was something that used to keep me up at night for sure. We all want to have the strong search engine optimization that will take us to the top of Google’s coveted rankings, don’t we? But how do you know which keywords? How do we know if they work? How do we use them in the content of the blog post? Should it only be in the title? How do you select a title that will be enticing enough to capture your readers?

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