Case Study - Outsourcing  [Case Study] Book Yourself Full AND Raise Your Rates



People Buy Based Upon Like And Trust. Relationships Matter


Paul McManus, Co-Founder of More Clients More Fun™, has doubled his rates from last quarter, and expects to double his rates in the next quarter ahead. All with quicker closing times, all because like and trust has already been established.


His secret weapon? LinkedIn Lead Generation.


As entrepreneurs, we get so caught up in the daily hustle and bustle of running a thriving practice that details sometimes get in the way.


Between answering emails, phone calls, blog posts and fresh content, not to mention the clients that we’re already serving; it can be a real struggle to focus our attention consistently on keeping a steady flow of new clients.


“My own personal execution of the strategies were kind of hit and miss; so one week  would have a little bit more time and I would execute them, and next week I would get overwhelmed with stuff and get too busy and I wouldn’t execute, so my results were kind of up and down.”


With the success of Paul’s business came the struggle of an increase in responsibilities and tasks that needed his attention on a regular basis. While that’s a great problem to have, if you don’t keep a steady stream of clients coming in the door, it can also be a temporary problem as the well dries up.


Until he found his game-changer – focusing on new relationships with Woz Marketing.


“So I began to think, this doesn’t make any sense. This isn’t going to work.  I knew that you provided done for you services in social media and we began to work together”


Focusing on building the right relationships with the right prospects makes all the difference in the world. It helps Paul to quickly enjoy the benefits he was hoping for.


“Just how systematic and consistently I was able to book sales conversations with highly qualified prospects and to just see my calendar fill-up… is going to make sure that it gets done day to day consistently, so that you can create the results that you’re looking for.”


So how are things different for Paul now you might ask? We’ll let him tell the story.


“I’m in the process of raising my rates. I’ve raised some but I’m raising them again. I’m just trying to buy my time back. You can scale your business, you can hire more people to help you, which I’m doing as well…but when you begin to see so much demand for your services, just from the pride and confidence standpoint, it’s a wonderful problem to have to be able to raise your rates and begin to shut down parts of your calendar just to keep up“


The most common misconception among entrepreneurs and private practice owners is that they have to go it alone. Paul disagrees.


“I believe that the confusion with a lot of people right now is that they feel like they have to do it all themselves; to figure out all of the tools that help them get clients, but it creates a lot of anxiety and overwhelm…, work with the best. Work with someone who has a proven track record of helping people like you get results.”


Paul’s advice for anyone still struggling with getting their name out there?


“You are doing a disservice to yourself and your education if you’re not out on the world so you owe it to yourself and you owe it to the people you did this for to actually be successful. Because we’re able to make that impact in the world to the extent that we’re able to help people, and the means to do that is to grow our business and make it a successful practice, to fill it with clients that need our services and help them solve their problems. ”


So, for those of you who know us, we help private practice owners enroll more clients through online marketing strategies. We do that through coaching and consultation services and done-for-you services as well.


(But you have to be consistent. Consistent application = Consistent Results)


Since Paul has implemented these done-for-you services, he’s landed several large contracts with national influencers, doubled his business, hired more people and raised his rates….twice!


And this kind of momentum continues to build as we speak as Paul has appeared in speaking engagements at a national level and the enrollment in his program has reached record levels!


In one situation, Paul was invited to a nationally recognized coaching company where he spoke with coaches across America. At the end of the convention, he was immediately asked to return as a preferred provider the following year.


(That’s what we call Awesome Sauce!)


This is not a magic potion. This is based upon a proven strategy and consistent follow through.


Paul stayed committed to his end-game and focused his attention on delivering the best possible service to each one of his clients…consistently. As his schedule began to fill, he put protocols in place to allow for steady growth. Now he’s enjoying his new found growth and planning for the next phase of his growth level strategy.


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