Case Study - John Waid

[Case Study] Delegate, Automate, And Eliminate Your Way To Success


John Waid is a Human Behavioral Expert with C3 Consulting (Corporate Culture Consulting). John has seen rapid growth in his consulting practice and is on track to achieve his targeted objectives in the next quarter. All because he has established a system for working smarter not harder and identifying the RIGHT people to connect with.

What’s in John’s secret sauce? Technology.


“Back when we were growing up, you had to go to the directories, or the switchboards. Now, you can go directly to that person. And the technology around it is incredible. And Lisa helped me to uncover what it is, take away all the scary parts of it and actually get in to using it for my business. “


With many solo-preneurs, the technology can sometimes feel overwhelming. Particularly, when we consider how often it changes. It can also be frustrating trying to determine which marketing strategies will be best for you and your business. As consultants, you just want to get out in front of the people who need it the most so that you can affect change in their lives. This was the case with John.


“My challenge was Sales and contacting the RIGHT customers”


No problem for Woz Marketing. We spent some time learning who John’s target market was, and set out on the road to his victory!


Once we learned who John’s ideal clients were, we brainstormed the strategies that would help him get in front of the right people. The ones who needed a Behavioral Expert specializing in Corporate Culture. Then we determined which would be the best marketing tools to get the job done! Here’s what John had to say.


“Now I’m getting people to reach out to ME! They understand the services that I provide, and they understand the BENEFIT, more importantly, of the services I provide. “

Was it an easy transition? Definitely not. Growth is hard work and there are often a lot of moving parts going on that all have to be attended to. But, it’s a small price to pay when you’re talking about taking your practice to the next level….and a necessary component of change. The good news is, all of that hard work paid off for John.

“Now I have more meetings, I’ve had more phone calls, I’ve had more interactions….through all the work that I’ve done and all of the work that Lisa has provided.”

What was John’s game-changer?

I think it’s more of a mind-set John has in his daily operations.

“You’ve helped me to delegate things, automate things, and eliminate things and that’s been fantastic!”

Focusing on the RIGHT things can make all the difference in the world. Especially in marketing. It’s when we try to be all things to all people that we end up being nothing to no one. Today John has a clear vision of exactly who he wants to work with and has a laser sharp marketing plan focused on getting him there.

“I would absolutely recommend it because it will increase your sales, it will increase your confidence and it will actually be fun! How many times have you had the chance to work with a consultant and have it be fun…and actually have gotten something out of it?”

So, for those of you who know us, we help private practice owners enroll more clients through online marketing strategies. We do that through coaching, consultations and done for you services as well.

(But, you have to be prepared for the work that will be required for the results that you wish to achieve. Consistent Application = Consistent Results)

Now that John has gotten in front of his ideal clients on a consistent basis and is having more sales conversations than he’s ever dreamed of, John plans on increasing his growth by going after bigger fish. We couldn’t be more pleased with his success. What does John have to say?

“From and investment standpoint it’s the best investment you can make. The Cost-Benefit and Return On Investment is huge and I highly recommend it.”

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