Five Ways Podcasts Can Make You A Superstar!

Podcasts Make You A Superstar

Podcasts are a powerful way to help you grow your practice. Whether you are a guest on a podcast or you decide to undertake hosting a podcast yourself, the benefits are the same and well worth the efforts you put into it.


Let’s look at the top five benefits of podcasts to your business.


Podcasts Provide Great Networking

Regardless of whether you are a guest or a host of a podcast, the natural networking that takes place is astounding. You are building relationships with new people all the time. Through this networking, comes inbound leads, projects, and joint venture opportunities.

Referrals become a natural extension of those networking opportunities. We all know someone who can fulfill a service that we don’t necessarily provide, don’t we? Chances are, even if you can’t think of a referral, the other person may have someone in mind that they’d like to introduce you to.

Podcasting forces you to be intentional about your networking efforts. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for strategic partnerships, additional clients, or exposure the networking. Podcasting will always move you forward in these strategies.


Podcasts Increase Your Exposure

With every podcast that you do as a guest or a host, you have the ability to be exposed to a brand new group of people. Since both the podcaster and the interviewee have their own group of followers and both parties share the podcast experience, they are each growing their network reach.

To make the most out of this experience however, it’s important to know the pain points and strengths of both audiences and address them for maximum impact. Done well, this will help you reach more of your Target Market.


Podcasts Market You As An Industry Expert

Podcasting positions you as the industry expert in your field and gives you credibility. Think about it, if you’re the host, you’re looking for a guest that specializes in a given field so that they can reach your audience in a meaningful way. You know enough about the subject and what your audience wants and needs through their pain points, which you’re able to provide through the perfect guest to speak on these issues. You’ve established yourself as a credibly industry leader!

If you’re the guest, you’ve been chosen as a guest because of your specialty. There is a transference of trust that takes place between the host and the guest. More importantly, there is a transference of trust that takes place between the host and his audience that says, “You need to listen to our next guest, they really know their stuff.” You now have instant credibility as an industry expert.


Podcasts Provide Increased Outreach Strength

Because you now have a digital platform, you can reach people more quickly and effectively than many marketing platforms. Think about it, podcasts can be heard around the globe. And podcasting provides value for both parties, so it’s a win-win for everyone! Where you once had to pound the pavement for every business opportunity, podcasting drives opportunities to you. Suddenly, you have opportunity reaching out to you! And who doesn’t want that on a regular basis.


Podcasts Strengthen Overall Marketing

There are so many ways that your marketing efforts are impacted by podcasts, and they differ from being a guest to a host but most importantly among them is your SEO (search engine optimization). Because you are delivering fresh content and linking it on your website and social media platforms, you have that many more opportunities to rank higher in the search engines. Remember, the easier it is for people to find you the more opportunity you have to grow your practice. Podcasts have a world-wide reach, and because people can hear the passion in your voice when you speak, you’re able to draw them in and establish like and trust more easily than the written word.


If you’re sitting on the fence about whether or not to get involved in a podcast and wondering what it can do for your practice, I encourage you to take the plunge. Podcasts can make you a super star! Ready to learn more about marketing your private practice? Contact us to schedule a FREE discovery call.

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