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[Case Study] Building Relationships On Social Media Will Build Your Practice


Dr. Deb Legge, mental health practitioner and founder of the Influential Insiders Circle, has helped thousands of therapists build successful, sustainable private practices. She’s rolling out new programs to help private practice owners fill their books with private pay clients and limiting and/or eliminating their ties to insurance reimbursements. With her new approach to relationship building, she expects this to be her strongest roll out yet!


What’s her secret weapon you ask? Harnessing the power of social media.


Let’s face it, as a private practice owner, you’re so busy wearing so many hats and taking care of so many details on a regular basis, the thought of relationship building and being on social media just seems like a time consuming vacuum that will take you away from the daily grind that has you just keeping your head above water!

We’re talking about the emails, the paperwork, HIPAA compliance, insurance, payroll, overhead, phone calls, clients we’re already serving, it’s enough to make your head spin.


“It seemed like a huge task and I never really thought I had the time to do it. I kept putting it off. And I’m talking about

putting it off for YEARS now…I would dabble with it, but, to really use it effectively, I thought would take a long time. “


That’s a common misconception among many private practice owners. Many feel like it will be incredibly time consuming in an already very busy day. With the success of Deb’s practice and Influential Insiders Circle mentoring group, Deb was dealing with the struggle of an increase in responsibilities and tasks that needed her attention on a regular basis. It’s a great struggle to have, but one that’s necessary to address if you’re going to keep a steady stream of clients coming in the door as well as launching new programs that strengthen your success.


Then Deb found her game changer – focusing on building new relationships while working with Woz Marketing!


So, when did Deb begin to notice a shift in her business? We’ll let her explain it:

“When you explained to me how LinkedIn is all about building relationships. And, my whole marketing perspective that I use for my business,

and that I teach my mental health counselors, is about building in efforts to grow your business. That’s what made me want to do this even more,

but I was still somewhat reluctant because Ii was afraid it was going to take up too much time.”


Thankfully, Deb’s desire to succeed superseded her concern for the time vacuum. She and Woz Marketing buckled down to the task at hand and began building the right relationships on social media that would grow her practice.


What were her results you ask?


“I’ve identified over 800 potential clients in my first search, which was really cool.”


That’s pretty impressive, but it gets even better!


“What I saw was, that in the last 90 days, I’ve had 70 profile views. That’s 70 people looking at my profile.  But, of those, 39 of them came within the last week!”


Not bad Deb, that’s 56% growth in one week. It was so worth the effort that it took for her to learn a new process!


You may be wondering if these results are all 100% legitimate potential clients. While these relationships aren’t all guaranteed clients, there are no guarantees, Deb was still optimistic about the results as she began to comb through them.


“Reaching out to people who may not necessarily be therapists for my program, but maybe can help get me in front of therapists, that was really helpful.”

“I’m getting lots of views and I’m getting lots of likes and people are seeing what I’m doing now, whereas before, I wasn’t doing anything with it, so I would put something out there and nobody would see it really.”


Deb is going on to do great things now as a result of the relationships she’s building on social media. She’s rolling out new programs for the Influential Insiders Circle, she’s considered and industry expert by many mental health associations and her private practice is busier than ever!


Here’s what she has to say about her success with Woz Marketing.


“I have the confidence that I can do the things that you’re teaching me, you set me up for success and you’re always open to my questions.

 I don’t feel funny asking you things, even if I think they make may be silly questions.

I feel like I have a new friend who happens to be my business coach. That’s worth its weight in gold to me.”


While it’s true that people will buy from those they like and trust, Deb certainly makes that easy with her warm and nurturing personality.

Thankfully, many in private practice that same warmth and genuine spirit, they just need to take that leap of faith to put themselves out there in order to grow their practice.

So, what advice would Deb give to those struggling to make the leap to social media?


“I would encourage people to be more open minded to the potential of what can happen, and I think that, it’s all about ROI,

so you invest money in getting some coaching, and you do what you were taught in the coaching experience, and you work the program,

and the idea is to get back at least what you’ve invested in the coaching.  When I look at that from my perspective, to me, if I enroll 1 or 2 clients,

then I see the ROI. When I identify a potential for 800 clients in a week….when 39 people view my profile, in a week

I know I’m going to get so much more than I put into this, as far as ROI goes.”


So, for those of you who know us, we help private practice owners enroll more clients through online marketing strategies. We do that through coaching and consultation services and done-for-you services as well. But you need to make the investment in yourself and your private practice and do the work that gets results.

Consistent Application = Consistent Results


This is not a magic potion. This is based upon a proven strategy and consistent follow through.


Deb stayed committed to growing her practice and her mentoring program. She followed the coaching she received to a T and consistently implemented what she learned. And the best part is, once she established a system of doing so, she found that it didn’t take nearly as much time as she feared. Now she’s enjoying the fruits of her labor, preparing for a new product launch in her mentoring program and enjoying being the face of change for a national mental health association. Way to go Deb!


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