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[Case Study] Simple Marketing Made Effective

Chris Shuff, Registered Fertility Dietitian and Nutritionist with Love, Fire and Nutrition operates a successful practice specializing in those struggling with fertility issues. He’s helping patients to conceive using a completely natural and nutritional approach. With his marketing efforts, he’s anticipating this to be his strongest year yet!


What’s his secret? Keep your marketing and your message simple!


Many private practice owners struggle with marketing. But what we’re finding is, at the end of the day, they wind up making it more difficult than it needs to be. Sadly too many over think the principles of marketing and get frustrated and quit before they even begin. Chris was faced with this same dilemma.


“I’ve had lots of training as a registered dietitian, lots of schooling, biochemistry, yet marketing was really just something that I really never had any formal training in, never read any books about it, it was kind of intimidating. And so, through a mutual contact, I saw the services that Woz Marketing offered and I said, Yeah, let’s do this!”


We’re so glad he did. There are so many practice owners out there that spend so much time struggling with their marketing efforts and getting more and more frustrated. Sadly some spend years trying to perfect it, and their practices struggle as a result. Chris valued his time and chose to just say “no” to the increased frustration. As a result, he started to notice a difference early in the process.


“The turning point came right away when everything was broken down for me. I had been given 5 points. They were everything I wanted to convey. There are massive barriers that we face in our own lives because we’re so close to them…and we have no training in so many areas that when you have an expert on your side, you’re like, Oh yeah, I totally get it now….and so now I had 5 bullet points I had every time I tried to develop stuff.”


That light bulb moment for Chris was a real game changer. With an organized simplistic approach to his marketing efforts he was ready to hit the ground running. Not only was he able to increase the exposure his practice was getting, it began to change who he worked with and how he worked with them. We’ll let him explain:

“When I’m dealing with people in regards to fertility and nutrition, whether it’s for PCOS or for weight loss, or sperm quality, or whatever it happens to be they have a list of barriers, a list of pain points, they have a future they have in mind. In my clients’ case, it’s having a baby. And all of these problem, all of these needed solutions to what they’re pursuing. And so, another big light bulb for me was that, when I am speaking to people in my counseling practice, I am simply guiding them to the solutions that they need and want….to show them that I have the solution. That was another huge lightbulb that influenced everything that I’m doing now and it really ripples through the entire business.”


Helping your potential clients see that you are the person who can solve their problems is such a powerful marketing tool, but Chris was able to take it one step further in his marketing. He got really clear on who he wanted to work with and what kinds of services he was going to provide.


“I thought I was so clear beforehand. And it was still like this gigantic net that I was trying to cast, it was just way too large.  It lead to a lot of struggles, a lot of hardships, a lot of not knowing who I’m talking to and where I should be going and what people want and need and the solutions that I offer. And so, Woz Marketing helped me reinforce the idea that no, you’ve got to get more specific and when you think you’ve done that, you’ve got to go back and get even more specific…it was just so difficult for the business, and I was just so close to it. You know, you don’t want to miss out on potential clients and you want to help as many people as you can, but when you’re talking to everyone, you’re really talking to no one. And so, I started talking to one person. I visualized one very specific person with a very specific issue. And now, I have clarity that I really can’t describe the difference in….it’s really nice to have this super laser focus. There are plenty of people out there that are looking for your guidance, but you have to be talking to the right person.”


Chris is right, when your messaging is such that you are trying to appeal to everyone, your voice gets lost in the shuffle. It’s only when you’re specialized and specific, that your messaging stands out in the crowd. And that’s where Chris is at today. He’s enjoying a practice that appeals to a very specialized segment of the population. There really are no shortage of people who need your services but they can only find you when your message is simple and specific.


So what advice would Chris give to people who are contemplating getting some help with their marketing?


“You can replace money with no problem, but the time wasted is invaluable…I would still be spinning my wheels if Woz Marketing hadn’t gotten me the interest, focus and expertise. Go ahead and work with Woz Marketing if you want to speed up the process and really talk to the people you want to be talking to and helping the people you want to help. You just can’t replace that time. She made it so simple…with really simple steps.”


So, for those of you who know us, we help private practice owners enroll more clients through online marketing strategies. We do that through coaching and consultation services and done-for-you services as well. But you need to make the investment in yourself and your private practice and do the work that gets results.

Consistent Application = Consistent Results


This is not a magic potion. This is based upon a proven strategy and consistent follow through.


Chris has stayed committed to marketing his practice and has enjoyed guest television appearances and podcasts talking about the work that he’s doing at Love, Fire & Nutrition. He’s got a clear, concise message to reach his ideal target market and is on track for his best year yet.


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