Mistakes In Email Marketing That Will Cost You Dearly

Mistakes In Email Marketing

Spam. It’s one of those things we dread when we open up our inbox, isn’t it? Tons of messages from people who are soliciting to you for their products or services. So, what is Spam? How does it differ from actual email marketing and how do you avoid the mistakes that will cost you dearly?   According to Wikipedia, Email spam, also known as junk email, is a type of electronic spam where unsolicited messages are sent by email. The thing is, some forms of Spam were made legal in the United States in 2003[…]

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How To Make Your Phone Ring With Your Website

How to make your phone ring with your website

Author: Lisa Wozniak As a private practice owner, your strengths lie in your ability to help clients with life’s challenges. Few have learned any marketing let alone web design. Consequently you end up with either a graphic designer, web developer or a friend with great tech skills to help you design your website. While this has helped get your business established online, it’s done little for you in getting your phone to ring and bring clients into your office. So let’s take a look at how to make your phone ring with your website. There[…]

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Do You Need To Populate Your List To Be A Good Marketer?

List Sign Up

By: Lisa Wozniak Do You Need To Populate Your List To Be A Good Marketer? Well, I guess that depends on your marketing strategy. If your goal is to create a following of potential customers who will become raving fans of your business, then the answer is a resounding yes! However, this doesn’t have to be a difficult or an expensive endeavor. Some of the most effective ways are often the least expensive. With just a little time and effort, you can have people signing up on your email marketing campaign in no time. Some[…]

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8 Ways to Market your Blog at little to no cost.

By Lisa Wozniak If you are a small business owner, you know how hard it can be to devote the time and energy to researching and writing an engaging blog article for your customer base, only to listen to the sound of crickets after it’s posted. You look at your stats from the blogs you’re posting and the cricket theory is confirmed. Is anyone even reading this thing you wonder? Well if you merely write your blog and post it to your blog site, then chances are the answer to that question is a resounding[…]

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4 Heavy Hitters in Email Marketing

Email Marketing

By: Lisa Wozniak If you’re a small business owner that’s involved in social media, you’ve no doubt heard of the importance of email marketing for your business. While some believe it is the modern day version of direct mailers that have replaced the postcards and flyers that once overflowed from our mailbox, nothing could be further from the truth. Email marketing is an effective way for small business owners to accomplish everything from brand loyalty to lead generation. Some of the most common ways business owners have accomplished this through email marketing is by using[…]

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