How To Make Your Phone Ring With Your Website

How to make your phone ring with your website

Author: Lisa Wozniak As a private practice owner, your strengths lie in your ability to help clients with life’s challenges. Few have learned any marketing let alone web design. Consequently you end up with either a graphic designer, web developer or a friend with great tech skills to help you design your website. While this has helped get your business established online, it’s done little for you in getting your phone to ring and bring clients into your office. So let’s take a look at how to make your phone ring with your website. There[…]

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Will Live Streaming Replace the Webinar?

  By: Lisa Wozniak There has been so much excitement within the last year or so about Live Streaming. The big question seems to be, will Live Streaming replace the webinar? With so much buzz about the ease and reach of live streaming, it would seem that this would be a natural transition. It seems that everyone is getting on the band wagon with live streaming. With applications like, Periscope, Blab, Meerkat, Twitch, Google Hangouts and more, it’s become effortless to reach new and existing customers via desktop, laptop or smartphone. However, let’s take a[…]

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Searching for Customers on Facebook

By: Lisa Wozniak If you’re like most small business owners who are new to social media, you’ve heard countless stories about how social media is the ideal place to grow your business brand. The truth is social media really is a great place to grow your business, but unfortunately many folks who are starting out in social media don’t really know how to go about searching for customers in social media. Today, we’re going to discuss searching for customers on Facebook and I’ll give you some solid tips and screen shots along the way. So[…]

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