Case Study – How To Triple Your Private Practice in Six Months

Private Practice Marketing

by: Lisa Wozniak   You’re an EXCELLENT mental health professional! Your CLIENTS RAVE about you! But you’re overwhelmed… …and the dollars aren’t flowing in.. WHAT TO DO? To take your practice to the next level… …you could use a little help… I know your struggle… I’ve been there too. Well, one of the keys to being successful at ANYTHING is to do what you do best and to know when to reach out for a helping hand. Andrew Joy of The Mental Difference out of Chicago is a sports psychology coach working in both a[…]

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Blogging Is A Great Way To Increase Your Profit

Blogging Incerases Profit

As a private practice owner you’re often pulled in so many directions that sitting down to write a blog is often last on your checklist of responsibilities. You just don’t have the time to focus on anything that isn’t going to generate more clients and impact your bottom line. However, blogging is a great way to increase profit and today we’re going to look at the ways blogging is an online marketing strategy that will help you enroll more clients and grow your practice. Blogging Establishes Credibility When someone is searching for your help online,[…]

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How To Make Your Phone Ring With Your Website

How to make your phone ring with your website

Author: Lisa Wozniak As a private practice owner, your strengths lie in your ability to help clients with life’s challenges. Few have learned any marketing let alone web design. Consequently you end up with either a graphic designer, web developer or a friend with great tech skills to help you design your website. While this has helped get your business established online, it’s done little for you in getting your phone to ring and bring clients into your office. So let’s take a look at how to make your phone ring with your website. There[…]

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Lessons On Fear You Need To Learn Now

Lessons on Fear

Author: Lisa Wozniak Some years ago, I held a job in corporate America that made me miserable. Miserable to the point that it was affecting my health. Going into business for myself was something that I always longed to do but the fear I was experiencing to take that first step was debilitating! It took my getting really sick to the extent that I could not return to work in order for me to take the plunge and go into business for myself. Since then, I’ve grown a great business that I couldn’t be more[…]

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