Move Your Business Forward: How to Get Help & Grow

By: Liz LaJoie of Statera Business Solutions I can’t afford to hire someone yet! Is your consulting or coaching business starting to take off and you’re finding yourself mired in a financial management morass? Are you feeling overwhelmed by your bookkeeping, trying to stay on top of your bills and tracking down payments from your clients? I know how hard it can be to manage your finances while you’re working to grow your business. You’re not alone if you’re up late at night, trying to get a handle on your money situation and worrying whether[…]

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Use This Vital Technique For Long-Term Success In Your Private Practice

Success for Private Practice

By: Mike Allison   Long-term success in your private practice is NOT just an unattainable dream. It will become reality if you know what to focus your resources on.   Whether you’re a coach, mental health professional, chiropractor, dentist, dietician, nutritionist or any other type of private practice owner, this article is going to show you which vital few activities to focus on for long-term success in your private practice.   Think of achieving long-term success like planting seeds in the spring season, watering and weeding during the growing season, and then reaping during the[…]

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Networking. It’s All About The People.


By: Lisa Wozniak   Does the thought of networking make you cringe? Yeah, me too. Or at least it used to. I’ve been to a number of networking events over the years and they always seemed to leave me feeling like I needed to go home and take a shower.  I have memories of going to networking events where hungry sales people armed with business cards could barely contain themselves while they waited for me to finish introducing myself and my business so that they could shove their cards in my face and try to[…]

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Can LinkedIn Take Your Practice From Zero To Hero?

By: Lisa Wozniak Can LinkedIn take your practice from zero to hero? The truth is, most folks still think of LinkedIn as nothing more than a resume repository. When in reality, it’s a great tool for helping you to grow your private practice.  Today, let’s focus on some of the features that allow you to use LinkedIn to help you grow.   Referrals If you are a practitioner that thrives off of the referrals coming from the medical field, then LinkedIn has an amazing search feature to find all of the medical professionals in your[…]

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Virtual Coffee – Relationship Building For The New Millenium

Virtual Coffee - Relationship Building

Author: Lisa Wozniak One of the most challenging aspects of having your own private practice (coaching, health, or legal) is building the types of relationships with people that will impact your growth in a sustainable way. Let’s face it, networking with strangers, whether it be for collaboration, client attrition or joint venture partnerships can be intimidating. You’re often in your most vulnerable state as you try to engage in meaningful conversation that’s helpful to both parties. What I’ve learned over the last year or so is that if you embrace networking or relationship building from[…]

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