What Is A Call To Action In Marketing?

Call To Action Blog

For those who don’t have much of a marketing background you may be wondering, “What Is A Call To Action In Marketing?” In today’s blog, we’ll not only describe what a call to action is, we’ll also discuss why you need it, how to use it and provide you with examples of what they look like. So let’s get started with a brief discussion on what a call to action is. What is a Call to Action? In marketing, the goal is always to be directing people where you want them to go. Whether that[…]

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What’s The Big Deal ABout Advertising On Social Media Anyway?

Social Media Advertising

Author: Lisa Wozniak “What’s the big deal about advertising on social media anyway?” is a question I get asked on a fairly regular basis. Many small business owners wonder if they should be doing it just because everyone else is or if it’s a passing fad that they should indulge in before its 15 minutes of fame are over and the opportunity is lost, or if there is a legitimate reason why advertising on social media is a must for every business owner. Each year a myriad of marketing statistics show that social media marketing[…]

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Do You Need To Populate Your List To Be A Good Marketer?

List Sign Up

By: Lisa Wozniak Do You Need To Populate Your List To Be A Good Marketer? Well, I guess that depends on your marketing strategy. If your goal is to create a following of potential customers who will become raving fans of your business, then the answer is a resounding yes! However, this doesn’t have to be a difficult or an expensive endeavor. Some of the most effective ways are often the least expensive. With just a little time and effort, you can have people signing up on your email marketing campaign in no time. Some[…]

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Five Ways to Determine if your Social Media Ad will be Productive

By: Lisa Wozniak   You’re a new business owner and you’re excited about being an entrepreneur but now that your systems are all set up and the doors are open you’re not seeing the hustle and bustle that you’d like. So you know it’s time to advertise and your research tells you that social media advertising is the way to go but no matter how many different types of ads you run on different social media platforms you’re not getting any bang for your buck. As you watch your dollars spill down the drain you[…]

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