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Sharon Mosley - Case Study

[Case Study] – How Your Branding Will Give You Clarity


You’re an amazing counselor and coach.

You’ve dedicated a big portion of your life to making a difference in the lives of others. Your passion to both mental and physical health is the cornerstone of what drives you to succeed.

But you’re so overwhelmed you feel stuck…almost frozen.

There are so many options out there for growing your practice but all of the choices and the details leave you feeling so frozen in your tracks you’re just not sure how you’ll succeed.

What do you do?

They key is to get really clear on where you want to take your practice and identify those specific areas where you need help.

Sharon Mosely of Fit Talk is a Mental Health Professional specializing in Health and Wellness Coaching.

This is the same process that lead Sharon to connect with us for help.

“I was feeling overwhelmed and stuck. I knew what I wanted to do, I just didn’t know how to do it and I just didn’t know how to let everyone else know what I was doing.”

By identifying her struggle and what she wanted to accomplish, Sharon was able to get some real clarity on exactly what kind of help she needed and how to move forward to get unstuck.

So what did we do?

We helped Sharon identify the unique gifts she possessed that set her aside from everyone else in the market place. The gifts she possessed that made her stand out from the crowd.

Once we helped Sharon to identify this, the rest was easy. It was all a matter of identifying the marketing tools that would help expose her strengths in a way that appealed to her ideal target market.

We helped Sharon create a brand message.

When did things start to turn around for Sharon? We’ll let her explain:


“When I learned about social media platforms and how they work”


This was just the beginning for Sharon, however. Once we made sure she had consistent branding along all of her marketing tools, she was able to send out messages that were consistent with her brand.

“It was not just like a production machine that turns you loose and says, ‘Ok, go out and see if you can get 50 new clients today, I was working with someone who really was interested in my business.’ “


How did things change in her practice?

Things are much different in Sharon’s coaching and counseling practice now.


“I know my reach is larger than what it ever could have been. And when I go out into the community, I run into people all the time that say, ‘Oh, you’re that Fit Talk.’ “


If all of this were not exciting enough, Sharon now hears comments from other small business owners like,

“Oh, you really do have a good branding message.”

Having a really clear concept of who you are and exactly how you serve your ideal target market is critical in your success. It’s important to know what makes you different than anyone else and build upon that.

Without it, you are another voice in a sea of voices screaming for attention.

Like anything it all starts with a carefully mapped out plan for success.

What surprised Sharon about the process?

“I didn’t have to be an expert in social media. That I could actually do this. Because the way things were explained to me when I worked with Woz Marketing, I knew then that I did not have to have a degree in marketing; that I could have a degree in mental health counseling. That I could stick with being an expert in the areas of counseling and health coaching. “

“It gave me reassurance, and that was something that was worth every penny.”

What’s Sharon’s practice like today?

Today Sharon is happily enjoying the fruits of her labor. She’s been able to quit or 9-5 job and commit herself to her practice full time.

Sharon is helping people all over the United States with her coaching work and supports people with Mental Health Counseling in North Carolina where she maintains a thriving practice.

To learn more about Sharon and the success of her practice, you can reach her on LinkedIn

OR you can visit her website by clicking HERE.

Lisa Wozniak is the owner of Woz Marketing and helps private practice owners enroll more clients through online marketing strategies. You can learn more about Lisa at and contact her directly through the contact us page.



Chris Shuff - Case Study

[Case Study] Simple Marketing Made Effective


Chris Shuff, Registered Fertility Dietitian and Nutritionist with Love, Fire and Nutrition operates a successful practice specializing in those struggling with fertility issues. He’s helping patients to conceive using a completely natural and nutritional approach. With his marketing efforts, he’s anticipating this to be his strongest year yet!


What’s his secret? Keep your marketing and your message simple!


Many private practice owners struggle with marketing. But what we’re finding is, at the end of the day, they wind up making it more difficult than it needs to be. Sadly too many over think the principles of marketing and get frustrated and quit before they even begin. Chris was faced with this same dilemma.


“I’ve had lots of training as a registered dietitian, lots of schooling, biochemistry, yet marketing was really just something that I really never had any formal training in, never read any books about it, it was kind of intimidating. And so, through a mutual contact, I saw the services that Woz Marketing offered and I said, Yeah, let’s do this!”


We’re so glad he did. There are so many practice owners out there that spend so much time struggling with their marketing efforts and getting more and more frustrated. Sadly some spend years trying to perfect it and their practices struggle as a result. Chris valued his time and chose to just say “no” to the increased frustration. As a result, he started to notice a difference early in the process.


“The turning point came right away when everything was broken down for me. I had been given 5 points. They were everything I wanted to convey. There are massive barriers that we face in our own lives because we’re so close to them…and we have no training in so many areas that when you have an expert on your side, you’re like, Oh yeah, I totally get it now….and so now I had 5 bullet points I had every time I tried to develop stuff.”


That light bulb moment for Chris was a real game changer. With an organized simplistic approach to his marketing efforts he was ready to hit the ground running. Not only was he able to increase the exposure his practice was getting, it began to change who he worked with and how he worked with them. We’ll let him explain:

“When I’m dealing with people in regards to fertility and nutrition, whether it’s for PCOS or for weight loss, or sperm quality, or whatever it happens to be they have a list of barriers, a list of pain points, they have a future they have in mind. In my clients’ case, it’s having a baby. And all of these problem, all of these needed solutions to what they’re pursuing. And so, another big light bulb for me was that, when I am speaking to people in my counseling practice, I am simply guiding them to the solutions that they need and want….to show them that I have the solution. That was another huge light bulb that influenced everything that I’m doing now and it really ripples through the entire business.”


Helping your potential clients see that you are the person who can solve their problems is such a powerful marketing tool, but Chris was able to take it one step further in his marketing. He got really clear on who he wanted to work with and what kinds of services he was going to provide.


“I thought I was so clear beforehand. And it was still like this gigantic net that I was trying to cast, it was just way too large.  It lead to a lot of struggles, a lot of hardships, a lot of not knowing who I’m talking to and where I should be going and what people want and need and the solutions that I offer. And so, Woz Marketing helped me reinforce the idea that no, you’ve got to get more specific and when you think you’ve done that, you’ve got to go back and get even more specific…it was just so difficult for the business, and I was just so close to it. You know, you don’t want to miss out on potential clients and you want to help as many people as you can, but when you’re talking to everyone, you’re really talking to no one. And so, I started talking to one person. I visualized one very specific person with a very specific issue. And now, I have clarity that I really can’t describe the difference in….it’s really nice to have this super laser focus. There are plenty of people out there that are looking for your guidance, but you have to be talking to the right person.”


Chris is right, when your messaging is such that you are trying to appeal to everyone, your voice gets lost in the shuffle. It’s only when you’re specialized and specific, that your messaging stands out in the crowd. And that’s where Chris is at today. He’s enjoying a practice that appeals to a very specialized segment of the population. There really are no shortage of people who need your services but they can only find you when your message is simple and specific.


So what advice would Chris give to people who are contemplating getting some help with their marketing?


“You can replace money with no problem, but the time wasted is invaluable…I would still be spinning my wheels if Woz Marketing hadn’t gotten me the interest, focus and expertise. Go ahead and work with Woz Marketing if you want to speed up the process and really talk to the people you want to be talking to and helping the people you want to help. You just can’t replace that time. She made it so simple…with really simple steps.”


So, for those of you who know us, we help private practice owners enroll more clients through online marketing strategies. We do that through coaching and consultation services and done-for-you services as well. But you need to make the investment in yourself and your private practice and do the work that gets results.

Consistent Application = Consistent Results


This is not a magic potion. This is based upon a proven strategy and consistent follow through.


Chris has stayed committed to marketing his practice and has enjoyed guest television appearances and podcasts talking about the work that he’s doing at Love, Fire & Nutrition. He’s got a clear, concise message to reach his ideal target market and is on track for his best year yet.


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Woz Marketing





Deb Legge Case Study

[Case Study] Building Relationship On Social Media Will Build Your Practice


In a service related industry, people buy from those they like and trust. Relationships Matter!


Dr. Deb Legge, mental health practitioner and founder of the Influential Insiders Circle, has helped thousands of therapists build successful, sustainable private practices. She’s rolling out new programs to help private practice owners fill their books with private pay clients and limiting and/or eliminating their ties to insurance reimbursements. With her new approach to relationship building, she expects this to be her strongest roll out yet!


What’s her secret weapon you ask? Harnessing the power of social media.


Let’s face it, as a private practice owner, you’re so busy wearing so many hats and taking care of so many details on a regular basis, the thought of relationship building and being on social media just seems like a time consuming vacuum that will take you away from the daily grind that has you just keeping your head above water!

We’re talking about the emails, the paperwork, HIPAA compliance, insurance, payroll, overhead, phone calls, clients we’re already serving, it’s enough to make your head spin.


“It seemed like a huge task and I never really thought I had the time to do it. I kept putting it off. And I’m talking about

putting it off for YEARS now…I would dabble with it, but, to really use it effectively, I thought would take a long time. “


That’s a common misconception among many private practice owners. Many feel like it will be incredibly time consuming in an already very busy day. With the success of Deb’s practice and Influential Insiders Circle mentoring group, Deb was dealing with the struggle of an increase in responsibilities and tasks that needed her attention on a regular basis. It’s a great struggle to have, but one that’s necessary to address if you’re going to keep a steady stream of clients coming in the door as well as launching new programs that strengthen your success.


Then Deb found her game changer – focusing on building new relationships while working with Woz Marketing!


So, when did Deb begin to notice a shift in her business? We’ll let her explain it:


“When you explained to me how LinkedIn is all about building relationships. And, my whole marketing perspective that I use for my business,

and that I teach my mental health counselors, is about building in efforts to grow your business. That’s what made me want to do this even more,

but I was still somewhat reluctant because Ii was afraid it was going to take up too much time.”


Thankfully, Deb’s desire to succeed superseded her concern for the time vacuum. She and Woz Marketing buckled down to the task at hand and began building the right relationships on social media that would grow her practice.


What were her results you ask?


“I’ve identified over 800 potential clients in my first search, which was really cool.”


That’s pretty impressive, but it gets even better!


“What I saw was, that in the last 90 days, I’ve had 70 profile views. That’s 70 people looking at my profile.  But, of those, 39 of them came within the last week!”


Not bad Deb, that’s 56% growth in one week. It was so worth the effort that it took for her to learn a new process!


You may be wondering if these results are all 100% legitimate potential clients. While these relationships aren’t all guaranteed clients, there are no guarantees, Deb was still optimistic about the results as she began to comb through them.


“Reaching out to people who may not necessarily be therapists for my program, but maybe can help get me in front of therapists, that was really helpful.”

“I’m getting lots of views and I’m getting lots of likes and people are seeing what I’m doing now, whereas before, I wasn’t doing anything with it, so I would put something out there and nobody would see it really.”


Deb is going on to do great things now as a result of the relationships she’s building on social media. She’s rolling out new programs for the Influential Insiders Circle, she’s considered and industry expert by many mental health associations and her private practice is busier than ever!


Here’s what she has to say about her success with Woz Marketing.


“I have the confidence that I can do the things that you’re teaching me, you set me up for success and you’re always open to my questions.

 I don’t feel funny asking you things, even if I think they make may be silly questions.

I feel like I have a new friend who happens to be my business coach. That’s worth its weight in gold to me.”


While it’s true that people will buy from those they like and trust, Deb certainly makes that easy with her warm and nurturing personality.

Thankfully, many in private practice that same warmth and genuine spirit, they just need to take that leap of faith to put themselves out there in order to grow their practice.

So, what advice would Deb give to those struggling to make the leap to social media?


“I would encourage people to be more open minded to the potential of what can happen, and I think that, it’s all about ROI,

so you invest money in getting some coaching, and you do what you were taught in the coaching experience, and you work the program,

and the idea is to get back at least what you’ve invested in the coaching.  When I look at that from my perspective, to me, if I enroll 1 or 2 clients,

then I see the ROI. When I identify a potential for 800 clients in a week….when 39 people view my profile, in a week

I know I’m going to get so much more than I put into this, as far as ROI goes.”


So, for those of you who know us, we help private practice owners enroll more clients through online marketing strategies. We do that through coaching and consultation services and done-for-you services as well. But you need to make the investment in yourself and your private practice and do the work that gets results.

Consistent Application = Consistent Results


This is not a magic potion. This is based upon a proven strategy and consistent follow through.


Deb stayed committed to growing her practice and her mentoring program. She followed the coaching she received to a T and consistently implemented what she learned. And the best part is, once she established a system of doing so, she found that it didn’t take nearly as much time as she feared. Now she’s enjoying the fruits of her labor, preparing for a new product launch in her mentoring program and enjoying being the face of change for a national mental health association. Way to go Deb!


Not seeing the growth you want in your private practice?


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Case Study - John Waid

[Case Study] Delegate, Automate, And Eliminate Your Way To Success


John Waid is a Human Behavioral Expert with C3 Consulting (Corporate Culture Consulting). John has seen rapid growth in his consulting practice and is on track to achieve his targeted objectives in the next quarter. All because he has established a system for working smarter not harder and identifying the RIGHT people to connect with.


What’s in John’s secret sauce? Technology.


“Back when we were growing up, you had to go to the directories, or the switchboards. Now, you can go directly to that person. And the technology around it is incredible. And Lisa helped me to uncover what it is, take away all the scary parts of it and actually get in to using it for my business. “


With many solo-preneurs, the technology can sometimes feel overwhelming. Particularly, when we consider how often it changes. It can also be frustrating trying to determine which marketing strategies will be best for you and your business. As consultants, you just want to get out in front of the people who need it the most so that you can affect change in their lives. This was the case with John.


“My challenge was Sales and contacting the RIGHT customers”


No problem for Woz Marketing. We spent some time learning who John’s target market was, and set out on the road to his victory!


Once we learned who John’s ideal clients were, we brainstormed the strategies that would help him get in front of the right people. The ones who needed a Behavioral Expert specializing in Corporate Culture. Then we determined which would be the best marketing tools to get the job done! Here’s what John had to say.



“Now I’m getting people to reach out to ME! They understand the services that I provide, and they understand the BENEFIT, more importantly, of the services I provide. “


Was it an easy transition? Definitely not. Growth is hard work and there are often a lot of moving parts going on that all have to be attended to. But, it’s a small price to pay when you’re talking about taking your practice to the next level….and a necessary component of change. The good news is, all of that hard work paid off for John.


“Now I have more meetings, I’ve had more phone calls, I’ve had more interactions….through all the work that I’ve done and all of the work that Lisa has provided.”


What was John’s game-changer?


I think it’s more of a mind-set John has in his daily operations.


“You’ve helped me to delegate things, automate things, and eliminate things and that’s been fantastic!”


Focusing on the RIGHT things can make all the difference in the world. Especially in marketing. It’s when we try to be all things to all people that we end up being nothing to no one. Today John has a clear vision of exactly who he wants to work with and has a laser sharp marketing plan focused on getting him there.


“I would absolutely recommend it because it will increase your sales, it will increase your confidence and it will actually be fun! How many times have you had the chance to work with a consultant and have it be fun…and actually have gotten something out of it?”


So, for those of you who know us, we help private practice owners enroll more clients through online marketing strategies. We do that through coaching, consultations and done for you services as well.


(But, you have to be prepared for the work that will be required for the results that you wish to achieve. Consistent Application = Consistent Results)


Now that John has gotten in front of his ideal clients on a consistent basis and is having more sales conversations than he’s ever dreamed of, John plans on increasing his growth by going after bigger fish. We couldn’t be more pleased with his success. What does John have to say?


“From and investment standpoint it’s the best investment you can make. The Cost-Benefit and Return On Investment is huge and I highly recommend it.”


Not seeing the growth you want in your consulting practice?


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Case Study - Outsourcing  [Case Study] Book Yourself Full AND Raise Your Rates



People Buy Based Upon Like And Trust. Relationships Matter


Paul McManus, Co-Founder of More Clients More Fun™, has doubled his rates from last quarter, and expects to double his rates in the next quarter ahead. All with quicker closing times, all because like and trust has already been established.


His secret weapon? LinkedIn Lead Generation.


As entrepreneurs, we get so caught up in the daily hustle and bustle of running a thriving practice that details sometimes get in the way.


Between answering emails, phone calls, blog posts and fresh content, not to mention the clients that we’re already serving; it can be a real struggle to focus our attention consistently on keeping a steady flow of new clients.


“My own personal execution of the strategies were kind of hit and miss; so one week  would have a little bit more time and I would execute them, and next week I would get overwhelmed with stuff and get too busy and I wouldn’t execute, so my results were kind of up and down.”


With the success of Paul’s business came the struggle of an increase in responsibilities and tasks that needed his attention on a regular basis. While that’s a great problem to have, if you don’t keep a steady stream of clients coming in the door, it can also be a temporary problem as the well dries up.


Until he found his game-changer – focusing on new relationships with Woz Marketing.


“So I began to think, this doesn’t make any sense. This isn’t going to work.  I knew that you provided done for you services in social media and we began to work together”


Focusing on building the right relationships with the right prospects makes all the difference in the world. It helps Paul to quickly enjoy the benefits he was hoping for.


“Just how systematic and consistently I was able to book sales conversations with highly qualified prospects and to just see my calendar fill-up… is going to make sure that it gets done day to day consistently, so that you can create the results that you’re looking for.”


So how are things different for Paul now you might ask? We’ll let him tell the story.


“I’m in the process of raising my rates. I’ve raised some but I’m raising them again. I’m just trying to buy my time back. You can scale your business, you can hire more people to help you, which I’m doing as well…but when you begin to see so much demand for your services, just from the pride and confidence standpoint, it’s a wonderful problem to have to be able to raise your rates and begin to shut down parts of your calendar just to keep up“


The most common misconception among entrepreneurs and private practice owners is that they have to go it alone. Paul disagrees.


“I believe that the confusion with a lot of people right now is that they feel like they have to do it all themselves; to figure out all of the tools that help them get clients, but it creates a lot of anxiety and overwhelm…, work with the best. Work with someone who has a proven track record of helping people like you get results.”


Paul’s advice for anyone still struggling with getting their name out there?


“You are doing a disservice to yourself and your education if you’re not out on the world so you owe it to yourself and you owe it to the people you did this for to actually be successful. Because we’re able to make that impact in the world to the extent that we’re able to help people, and the means to do that is to grow our business and make it a successful practice, to fill it with clients that need our services and help them solve their problems. ”


So, for those of you who know us, we help private practice owners enroll more clients through online marketing strategies. We do that through coaching and consultation services and done-for-you services as well.


(But you have to be consistent. Consistent application = Consistent Results)


Since Paul has implemented these done-for-you services, he’s landed several large contracts with national influencers, doubled his business, hired more people and raised his rates….twice!


And this kind of momentum continues to build as we speak as Paul has appeared in speaking engagements at a national level and the enrollment in his program has reached record levels!


In one situation, Paul was invited to a nationally recognized coaching company where he spoke with coaches across America. At the end of the convention, he was immediately asked to return as a preferred provider the following year.


(That’s what we call Awesome Sauce!)


This is not a magic potion. This is based upon a proven strategy and consistent follow through.


Paul stayed committed to his end-game and focused his attention on delivering the best possible service to each one of his clients…consistently. As his schedule began to fill, he put protocols in place to allow for steady growth. Now he’s enjoying his new found growth and planning for the next phase of his growth level strategy.


Not seeing the growth you want in your coaching or consulting practice?


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Private Practice Marketing

You’re an EXCELLENT mental health professional!

Your CLIENTS RAVE about you!

But you’re overwhelmed…

…and the dollars aren’t flowing in..


To take your practice to the next level…

…you could use a little help…

I know your struggle…

I’ve been there too.

Well, one of the keys to being successful at ANYTHING is to do what you do best and to know when to reach out for a helping hand.

Andrew Joy of The Mental Difference out of Chicago is a sports psychology coach working in both a clinical and a sports related capacity.

What was his private practice like before he gave us a call?

“I think the biggest thing was just getting out there, and getting people knowing we were out there. It was moving at a much slower pace than I really wanted it to,” he explained.

So what did we do?

I think the biggest thing was your getting me to revamp our online presence. We had to revamp our website. With your help we created a big social media presence from Twitter to LinkedIn to Facebook and you had us posting on a regular basis, on a daily basis, getting multiple Tweets out, multiple posts and just getting that presence out there.”

What was the result?

“A lot of people contacted us — from teams at the youth level and school districts. We were getting our brand out there.”

Did this have an impact on his clinical practice as well?

“When we got the website re-launched, we went from looking like something a 5th grader would do to something you would pay thousands of dollars for. And we did it all in-house.”


“You gave us direction and websites and things we can use to drive our social media presence. We didn’t have to figure out what we had to do. Less trial and error. You saved us a lot of time.”

A concrete plan to follow from beginning to end is vital.

A lot of times private practices are already spread incredibly thin with clinical notes and the billing and all sorts of things. He needed a marketing component so I worked with him to create a plan, to get him from point A to point B.

How were his clinical and sports practices affected?

“It’s awesome. It’s also crazy, it’s been longer hours, and it’s balancing almost two different schedules. We have to set time aside for clinical clients and individual sport clients. Then we have all these workshops that we’re doing. This week alone we have six workshops. Then we have to do the billing, we have to do the clinical notes — all these little components, so it’s a constant go now.”

That’s a lot of activity.

How did his life change?

“It’s great now because before it was a constant frustration, always wondering, “when am I going to get more people in the door?”

What surprised him most about the process?

The impact of the social media, that was surprising to me. I had been neglecting it because I didn’t think it was going to be that important. But then we got a really good contract with the Chicago Steel and on the USHL just from our social media presence. A key contact had found us and it turned out we had some mutual connections from my grad school. And then it turned out that his assistant coach I had played with in juniors and the head coach I had played against in college. He never would have found us had it not been for our social media presence. So that was really exciting. It was a big contract for us and an exciting contract.”

Did his team have to get bigger?

“Since I’m developing workshops and curriculums for teams, a college intern really freed up my time to do what I’m really good at and that’s the actual teaching part of the therapy.”

Would he recommend this process to any colleague, therapists, or psychologists who are struggling to grow their practice?

“Absolutely, the return on investment for this is amazing. The amount of information and direction you gave me was a tremendous value. I made what I spent with you back in a week. I wouldn’t have some of the clients or contracts I have now if I hadn’t had direction from you, especially with the website and the social media. Our website looks so much different and better now and I have gotten calls like, hey your website looks really professional, we would like to work with you.”

I told him when he started the process that he might feel overwhelmed at the beginning. But I also promised him that it gets easier.

The key is to take a deep breath and just go through it little by little and then see the progress and the results.

Andrew nodded in agreement. “When we started this process we had one office. And now six months later we have three offices in three different locations because of the volume and the demand. It has been a great process and thank you very much.”

You can watch the full interview with Andrew Joy below.

Lisa Wozniak is the owner of Woz Marketing and helps private practice owners enroll more clients through online marketing.  You can learn more about Lisa at You can contact her directly through the contact us page.