Blogging Is A Great Way To Increase Your Profit

Blogging Incerases Profit

As a private practice owner you’re often pulled in so many directions that sitting down to write a blog is often last on your checklist of responsibilities. You just don’t have the time to focus on anything that isn’t going to generate more clients and impact your bottom line. However, blogging is a great way to increase profit and today we’re going to look at the ways blogging is an online marketing strategy that will help you enroll more clients and grow your practice.

Blogging Establishes Credibility

When someone is searching for your help online, they are really searching for someone who can show that they understand their particular problem. Writing blog articles helps to establish you as the industry expert. The more knowledge that you can convey in how you help your clients, the more credibility you establish with those seeking help. Keep in mind however, this does not need to be a college dissertation or the equivalent of a medical journal entry. Know your audience and write as if you were speaking to a potential client. How would you describe a particular ailment or disorder to them and how it affects their body and their life? Writing from this perspective will make your readers and potential clients feel as though you really understand them. When they feel this way, you are the expert in their eyes.

Blogging Markets Your Specialty

While your private practice may cover a number of specialties and modalities, covering just a few will actually help you grow. (See my article on narrowing your niche) This doesn’t mean that you can’t help clients that fall outside of what you’ve established as your specialty. It just means that from a marketing perspective, you are focusing on these few areas. I understand that it can be intimidating to focus on just a few specialties when you’re capable of doing so much more. There is a knee jerk reaction to wanting to be all things to all people. However, in doing so we actually reach no one. Think about your own searches on Google. When you are looking for a service on the internet, you are not typing out broad, wide reaching words. You are typing in something specific. So are the people who are reaching your practice. They want to know that you can help them with their specific problem. Writing blog posts about those areas that you specialize in will bring you more clients than topics based on generalities.

Improves your SEO

For those who may not be aware SEO is search engine optimization. And this is really an expansive way of describing how quickly you come up on the list when someone types in a search on Google. Obviously, your goal here is to be as close to the top of that list on Google as possible. The closer to the top you are the more visible you are. The more visible you are the more your phone is going to ring. While you may be getting referral clients from local doctors, don’t discount the amount of business that can come your way through the power of internet searches because it’s HUGE. Today more than ever, patients are beginning to search for their own options of care before they are even recommended by their primary care physician. That said, each time you add a blog post to your website, Google views this as a page on your website. The more pages you are adding to your site the higher up on the Google ranking list you become. The higher up on Google rankings you become more searchable your site becomes. The more searchable your site becomes, the more your phone rings. The important point to consider when blogging with the goal of improving your SEO however, is to make good use of keywords. You’ll want to find a keyword that describes your specialty and make sure you are making good use of that keyword several times in your blog post. Writing a few blog posts about each specialty using a different keyword for each one will give you the strength and variety to improve your SEO. Online Marketing TOOLS will help you create specific keywords that will give your blog the best impact possible.

We hope we’ve been able to illustrate how Blogging Is A Great Way to Increase Your Profit. We’d love to hear about the impact blogging has had on your private practice and how you’re enjoying the process. If you need help with blog writing for your practice, Contact Us. We’re happy to help.
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