Blogging Is Easy And I’ll Show You Why

Blogging Is Easy

By Lisa Wozniak

One of the biggest misconceptions private practice owners have about blogging is that it must be hard and time consuming. Blogging is easy and I’ll show you why. A blog does not need to be written as though it were a college dissertation or an article for a medical journal. When you think about it from the perspective of the consumer, it actually takes a lot of the pressure off. Potential clients will read your blog to gather more information about you and the specialty you service. They use this as a means of gathering information about whether or not they will make that next step and schedule an appointment with you. And, from your perspective, you are writing the blog, not only to provide that information to them but to also improve your SEO (search engine optimization) rankings within Google to make your private practice more marketable. Remember, the higher you rank in Google, the easier it is for people to find you and call your office to schedule that appointment.

That said, one of the things I hear most often is what they should be blogging about. Oh my goodness, the possibilities are endless! It’s really just a matter of breaking down the topics into nuggets of information that are relevant to the consumer. I’ve included a list of some of the top ten ideas that will be the easiest to execute. As you read through this list, I recommend you do so with paper and pen in hand. As more ideas will come to mind that offer you the ability to expand this list. Take advantage of the brainstorming as it occurs.  I also use a List making App on my phone for when inspiration strikes.

Industry Trends

As a practitioner, you are naturally receiving updated information about the latest advancements in your specialty. People love to hear about cutting edge advancements in your field. If this is an advancement that you will be adopting, that’s great and people would like to hear about it. If not, this is equally important and blogging allows you discuss the pros and cons and why your modality does not subscribe to this approach.

Specialty Specific Topics

If you specialize in a number of treatments this is a great opportunity for blogging on each specialty. For example, if you are a dentist and you specialize in treating gingivitis, teeth whitening and root canals, there are a number of opportunities to discuss each one with a variety of content under each specialty.

Modality of Treatment

A common mistake among private practice owners I see, is posting their modality of treatment on the home page of their website. This does not work as it’s not something that a potential client looks for right away when searching for your services. They want to know what you specialize in and if you can relate to how it is affecting their life as well as your ability to help them. As they begin to dig beyond your home page and into your blog, they want to absorb more information about your specialty and how you approach their treatment. THIS is where you can go into your modality of treatment in greater detail. Have more than one modality of treatment for your clients? Great, there is an opportunity for blogging about each modality! Believe it or not, this can provide a sense of comfort to clients as they absorb more of this information. Just keep it off the home page and put it in a blog where it belongs.


This is perhaps the single most effective means of turning followers into clients. If you are able to accurately illustrate what a common ailment that you specialize in, looks like in someone and how it impacts their life you’re in great shape. Your article should paint a picture of these symptoms and the impact that it has on their everyday life and end with a statement that encourages them to set up an appointment with you if they are suffering from these symptoms. You want them to walk away from that blog with the feeling that you understand exactly what they’re going through and that you can help make their life better as a result. This can be done with each of the treatment plans you specialize in. The blogging opportunities are huge here!

Success Stories

People love a good success story! As a practitioner you’ll have to be careful here to protect the anonymity of your client. However, painting a picture of a client you helped and what their life looked like before treatment with you, how you helped them and what their life looks like now, is incredibly valuable as someone makes that transition from follower to client. This goes a long way to create that comfortable space in the decision making process.


If you don’t have a Frequently Asked Questions section on your website, I’m sure it wouldn’t take long to come up with one. Any health professional in private practice has a list of questions that they hear most every day from people inquiring about their service as well as those who are already clients. This is a great opportunity for several more blogs. Create a blog centered around each question. Sound crazy? Write out a list of questions you get asked most often and then look at the questions from the perspective of a blog topic. Go ahead, try it!

Guest Blogging

Do you know a fellow private practice owner in your industry who blogs? This is a great opportunity for both of you to market your practices. Especially if you serve different specialties or demographics. You’ll quickly notice how much more traffic your website is receiving when you implement this strategy. So, go ahead, write a blog for your friend and ask him to write one for you. Everyone wins with a well written blog.

Myths About Your Specialty

For practitioners, this one has to be one of my favorites. People spend so much time trolling around on the internet for health related advice that often they are lead down a confusing and destructive path of misinformation. As a result they’re left feeling anxious and unsure. This is an incredible opportunity for you to set the record straight and be viewed as the industry expert in the process. It’s a public service you are offering potential clients and positions you for success at the same time.

Ways To Cope With An Illness

Most practitioners know that there are certain health concerns that take longer to adjust than others. Unfortunately we live in an instantaneous society. Your clients need to know how to live with their treatment plans on the way to healing. Think of 3 treatment plans that take a while to execute and how the client will cope with their symptoms on the way to healing. That’s 3 additional blogs for your website and 3 more ways that you’re preparing your potential clients for the invaluable help you’ll be providing them.

Upcoming Workshops You’re Developing

In addition,as more and more people begin to follow you, more and more will be wanting to know what’s new in your practice and what’s coming up in the future. This is a good sign that they are connecting with you on a personal level. Don’t be afraid to offer up a bit of yourself by letting them know what direction you’re taking your business in. Write an article about workshops that you’re developing for the practice. If this doesn’t apply then show them a side of yourself they’ve not seen before. Birth announcements, weddings, graduations, office remodeling. These are all excellent ideas for blog posts and a real opportunity to show the softer side of YOU!

In conclusion, blogging is easy and I’ve shown you why. I hope you’ll take these suggestions and begin to start your own blogging journey. Keep pen and paper or your electronic device handy at all times so that you’re prepare to capture ideas as they come to you. You’ll be glad you did. We’d love to hear about what ideas you utilize when coming up with blog topics. Want to read more Woz Marketing Blogs, click here to go directly to our blog page!


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