Mistakes In Email Marketing That Will Cost You Dearly

Mistakes In Email Marketing

Spam. It’s one of those things we dread when we open up our inbox, isn’t it? Tons of messages from people who are soliciting to you for their products or services. So, what is Spam? How does it differ from actual email marketing and how do you avoid the mistakes that will cost you dearly?   According to Wikipedia, Email spam, also known as junk email, is a type of electronic spam where unsolicited messages are sent by email. The thing is, some forms of Spam were made legal in the United States in 2003[…]

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Five Ways Podcasts Can Make You A Superstar!

Podcasts Make You A Superstar

Podcasts are a powerful way to help you grow your practice. Whether you are a guest on a podcast or you decide to undertake hosting a podcast yourself, the benefits are the same and well worth the efforts you put into it.   Let’s look at the top five benefits of podcasts to your business.   Podcasts Provide Great Networking Regardless of whether you are a guest or a host of a podcast, the natural networking that takes place is astounding. You are building relationships with new people all the time. Through this networking, comes[…]

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Can You Achieve SEO with a Video Blog [vlog]?

SEO With Video

SEO is the most sought after prize in the marketing arena. The ability to crawl higher in Google’s search rankings is what we all strive for in our business. There are a number of ways to achieve this. One thing we know for certain in marketing, is that video is king. If you want to ensure that you’re being seen online, video is the best way to get noticed. While blogging is a powerful way to help you crawl up the Google search rankings, many are wondering if the use of video will accomplish the[…]

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Can You Achieve Growth By Networking The Competition?

Networking The Competition

By: Lisa Wozniak   When I first started networking as a means of growing my list of people to collaborate with, or potential clients, I never considered connecting with people who might be considered to be my competition. To me, there seemed to be no better way of throwing business away than to network with the competition. I just assumed that any business I would refer their way, for services I didn’t offer, would never come back to me. Networking with the competition just seemed like a bad idea. Then I found a different perspective.[…]

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Move Your Business Forward: How to Get Help & Grow

By: Liz LaJoie of Statera Business Solutions I can’t afford to hire someone yet! Is your consulting or coaching business starting to take off and you’re finding yourself mired in a financial management morass? Are you feeling overwhelmed by your bookkeeping, trying to stay on top of your bills and tracking down payments from your clients? I know how hard it can be to manage your finances while you’re working to grow your business. You’re not alone if you’re up late at night, trying to get a handle on your money situation and worrying whether[…]

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